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Why are leading group agencies investing in creative?

Since 2016, leading group agencies (like Havas Media and Publisis Groupe) have been making strategic investments in creative. Today we’d like to talk about why they’ve been doing this and why that should matter to your business.

To answer the question posed in this blog’s title, group agencies have been investing more in creative because it allows them to offer more innovative creative solutions, data-driven storytelling, and possess digital production capabilities to power the media activations they facilitate.

Of course, the majority of us want to be able to offer our clients everything that they might need but acquiring an entire creative team isn’t a viable option for most media agencies. Equally, building a new dedicated team within your business from scratch isn’t your core focus and comes with risk.

Fortunately, there are designated specialist agencies (like us) that you can team up with to take total control of creative for your clients. Establishing a relationship with a pre-existing creative team means you can land even bigger clients, keep your current clients happy, and compete with other agencies who already have in-house creative.

If you’d like to talk to us about working with your business to enhance your creative offering - just let us know!


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