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New brand - who dis???

You might have noticed that things are looking pretty different around here. So, why have we rebranded? There are plenty of reasons, but let's talk through some of the core elements.

There’s way more to our decision than's outlined below but here’s a little insight into the key considerations we had (and a few reasons for why things now look like they do).

1. We wanted to communicate our refined positioning

Priorities have changed for us all in recent years, so (in 2020-2021) we decided to commit to re-positioning our agency, simplifying our offering, and identifying our core audiences. What we offer to our clients has evolved, but never changed. Our service is still all about digital advertising BUT how we apply that to our clients is now different. We recognise that Publishers, Agencies, and Brands have the same issues when it comes to digital marketing but each need help in different ways. So, we set about building a website and brand that communicated this, simply and cleanly.

2. We wanted to update the brand for 2022

We are over 7 years old. Our original branding was both bold and image-heavy but it didn’t give us a whole lot of flexibility. We wanted to present the Deviceful of 2022 as a brand that was fresh, light, and had a lot of creative flexibility going forward. We needed to build ourselves a new look and feel that‘ll grow with us and the digital world.

3. We wanted to make our brand fit for purpose

Elements in our new brand look and feel are designed to float on a screen or be anchored to a device’s edges. The Images we now employ are non-descript which allows us to crop them however we want, with no fixed sizes - just fixed ratios. We also implemented a strict rule of building and designing our new site with spacing set in percentages NOT pixels, only time will tell how easy this will be). This isn’t just so that our designers have a clear layout structure to follow, it’s so that our brand is tailored to the digital world of responsive design. We haven’t just built a responsive website - we’ve built a response and fluid brand.

4. We wanted our brand to be built for digital

Wondering why we use so much white space now? It’s not just a design choice - it’s literally built for speed. White space means that there’s nothing to load. Our website, presentations (online-based), pdfs, and ads will all be lighter because of this. Our new colour pallets are light and used lightly. Our animations are now simple and used to draw your eye.

5. We wanted to show our human side in an increasingly digital world

Noticed the yellow lines all over the site? These (to us) aren’t just simple design features. We operate in a digital world where “Creative at scale” and “Creative automation” are thrown around without regard for what those words really mean, (like saying AI when you really mean automating the answering a bunch of yes/no questions). We wanted our new brand to visually embody ‘us’ interacting with the digital world.

The lines all over our new material have all been hand-drawn, scanned, and converted into vectors. Overly complex, right? BUT these splashes of colour and shapes are us, the people side of digital, drawing your eye, circling important things, scribbling ideas, and guiding you through the content in front of you.

So, those are some of the things we thought about when refreshing Deviceful. You may have found our process interesting, it might have helped you think about how you want to approach your own rebrand. Either way, we love sharing our digital knowledge. We’re not a branding agency, but we know A LOT about digital design and are passionate about our brand, hence why we have thought about this so much.


If you want to chat about our new branding (or the work that we do) then feel free to chat to one of our specialists today!


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