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Quantifying creative: How good is your ad?

The need to quantify ad creative is one that often gets overlooked because few businesses have systems in place that enable them to properly record and test the quality of their ad creative. So, how do your team go about answering the question, ‘how good is your ad’?

Normally, (when you want to push an ad live) you hand over creative to a media agency and it’s their job to get that advert in front of the right people. You’re slightly removed from the contact point a viewer has with your ad so you become reliant on the performance insights that your media agency can share with you.

Now, media agencies determine the performance of a campaign by looking at hard data (collected as part of their media buying process) like click-throughs and the performance of different sites. This gives them great insight into the work that they’re doing but leaves you with a bit of a knowledge gap regarding how the creative itself has performed.

So, this leaves us in a world where adverts and their performance are, all too often, judged by media means which aren’t always the best metric for ad campaign success (because elements like click-throughs should not the be-all and end-all for every campaign).

As a team that’s all about building creative that works really well, we know that you won’t be able to employ (and benefit from using) performance-informed creative if you don’t know how well the creative of your ads is working. How can the performance of one campaign’s creative be used to inform the creative of further campaigns if you’re not getting proper insight into how that creative performs?

Surely we all want the learnings, that derive from thorough campaign reviews, to start at a creative level (rather than the media level)?

Now, there’s more than one way to gain insight into the performance of your creative in a quantifiable manner. It stands to reason that because different ads are designed with different goals in mind you may need different methods and metrics to measure their success.

In a nutshell, you can work to monitor your ad creative quality on either a performative level or on a brand level - both of which have value and combined can give you an incredibly rich view of how your creative is impacting your audience.

Fortunately, the brilliance of running digital ads with a knowledgable group of specialists (like Deviceful) is that you can work to monitor all sorts of interactions that users might have with your ads (specifically when you employ dynamic creative or other rich media formats). These interactions with ad creative are one example of what our team can then use to indicate the amount of viewer interest in your content and gather insight into the quality of your ad creative.

Once you’ve worked to know what success looks like for you and your ad campaigns (with a team like ours) it’s a lot easier to figure out a plan for quantifying your campaigns’ creative and incrementally improving it.

So why not chat to our team and get started straight away?


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