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Our New Year’s Resolutions

Like everyone else, we’ve jumped right into the new year full of optimism and enthusiasm for what’s to come. It seems like we should channel all of our new year’s energy into something productive so, as Michael Jackson may have once (in a roundabout way) suggested, we’re going to start off our year by taking a look at the digital ad agency in the mirror.

Our team has come together this week and performed a classic new year’s rite - making a list of resolutions for our business. Now, this isn’t the kind of stuff we want to start setting SMART objectives for, it’s more a short list of areas that our team feels passionate about investing more of our time and effort into this year than we did in 2021.

So, here’s a sneak peek at Deviceful’s, very own, new year’s resolution list…

1. Be together (in person) twice a week

We spent time, in 2021, figuring out what kind of working model we wanted to adhere to ,when our team returned to the office (once COVID restrictions eased up here in the UK), and have discovered that a combination of both working in the office and from home is what suits our team best (you can read all about our team's return to work here). Because of what we discovered about how we like to work best, we’re going to spend at least two days of each week this year in our new office - which we’re all really excited about.

2. Share our unique insights and knowledge regularly

Digital adverts are really cool and our team of experts know tonnes about them! So, we’re going to do more this year to share what we know about our specialist topic with each other and all of you. We’re looking to run internal ‘Drink & Learn’ sessions (to give each member of our team a chance to talk about the tips and tricks that they’ve accumulated, over their time working in digital advert design, with their colleagues) and release regular blogs that outline our team's views on current digital ad trends, share our team members views on relevant topics and contain informative resources for you at

3. Expand the number of services that we offer to our clients

The challenges that our clients face have evolved and expanded as the years have gone by (and the digital ad space has become increasingly complex). Because we value the teams that we work with, and want to ensure that all of their digital ad requirements are met and exceeded by our dedicated team of digital ad specialists, we’re going to spend time this year increasing the range of services that our team readily offer to those in need of ad assistance (of any complexity level).

4. Become the best (looking) version of ourselves possible

There’s plenty of data around (some of which can be found here) that suggests that 2022 is going to be a busy time for those of us in the digital ad space. So, we want to put our best foot forward and plough ahead into this, very promising year, looking as brilliant as the advert we build. Surely there’s nothing wrong with us adding a slight…’re-fresh' to our 2022 vision board?

Hopefully, you’ve entered this new year with the same passion and enthusiasm for work that our team has!


If your resolution list has anything on it that we can help you with (you know… anything involving improving your company’s digital ads, for example) then just give us a shout - our team of dedicated digital ad specialists would love the chance to work with you this year!


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