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Our learnings from 2021

2021 has been, to put it mildly, a pretty significant year for Deviceful. We’ve done a lot, so we’ve learned a lot - not just about ad creative, build, and delivery but about ourselves as a company and a team. The last twelve months have taught us many things so today we thought we’d share our most prevalent insights in the four areas that we’ve really tried to focus on this year...

Our Work: When it comes to ads, size really does matter

This isn’t a particularly ground-breaking (or even new) insight but the importance of keeping an eye on your ad file size is still something that we find ourselves continually stressing the importance of to our clients. If you’ve gone through the effort of creating an ad without overly complex elements to it then you’ve probably done so in an effort to avoid prompting a polite load so why undo all of that by not checking the size before going live? If you build a Rich Media ad then the need to facilitate prompt downloading and rendering should always be top-of-mind throughout your build process.

Our Clients: You all face completely different types of problems

We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to craft beautifully rendered digital ad creative. Now, we’ve spent some time this year thinking about the services that we offer and can perform for our different types of clients and are looking towards the new year and what we might be able to do in order to enrich our service-offering for brands, publishers, and agencies alike.

Our Team: A hybrid working model is the best fit for our team

In the latter part of this year, we were afforded the opportunity to all come back together in person. These last six months have been great - with team lunches and regular in-person meetings really bringing us all back together in a way that we truly needed. Figuring out how we were going to return to the office wasn’t easy (as our Founder, Marcus’, blog post on the topic showed) but our new hybrid working model suits our team to a ‘t’.

Our Business: It might be time for us to make a couple of changes

We’ve done a lot of self-reflecting this year and want our company to embody all of the elements and practices that we champion to you. So, with the new year approaching our team are thinking that it might be time to perform a little creative audit on ourselves. If we decide to go ahead with the project, we promise to talk you all through how we approach taking a critical eye to our business and its creative (in the hope that our journey might inspire you to perform a similar review of yourselves).


We hope that you’ve had a brilliant 2021! If you’d like to work with us at any point in the new year - just contact a member of our team, today!


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