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Favourite Projects 2021

This year has been Deviceful’s busiest yet! For our team, 2021 has been a year packed full of amazing briefs and clients projects that we’re all incredibly proud to have worked on. So, we’d like to take some time today to champion the pieces of work that we really enjoyed being a part of and are sure that we’ll remember working on for a really long time.

IFS: Moment of Service

There really is nothing better than looking back at a project and knowing that it showcases what your team can do when it comes to building ads with both quality and quantity. We relish the opportunity to work on ad campaigns like this - projects that combine bold creative with comprehensive and cohesive messaging on scale.

Azerbaijan Tourism: Take another look

This project gave us the chance to work with some truly stunning photography. The landscape shots that we had to work with made this project a dream (and now all of us want to visit Azerbaijan so...we now know that the shots used are successfully persuasive)!

Volvo: Climate Change

It’s always great to get the chance to work on a piece that’s message resonates with all of us. As passionate climate-change advocates, our team were delighted to work on these ads. Messaging that you believe in is always the most fun to work on!

FUSO: Shogun 360

This ad was really bold and focused on product presentation. Sometimes, a product’s cool enough to speak for itself. Focussing on the photography of the Shogun 360 and allowing movement and text to draw the eye in makes a complex and layered ad experience for viewers from relatively simple components.

We hope that our team get the chance to work on projects that get us as excited as these ones throughout 2022! Fingers crossed!!!


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