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2022: The year Publishers embrace creative

We all know that Publishers enjoy a strong, trusted relationship with their readers - who are increasingly discerning in how they choose to consume content. The pandemic has resulted in more demand for insightful, engaging, and thought-provoking media. As the shift to the new world of first-party data continues unabated, it's crucial that publishers embrace the opportunity to appeal to advertisers with tailored content, complementary context, and perhaps most importantly, effective creative solutions.

2022 is going to see publishers upping their game in regard to creative solutions for advertisers - just wait and see. As they understand their audiences even more intimately, they're going to be able to push the boundaries on the array of touchpoints to engage their readers and their collaborating brands.

The days of banners, pop-ups, and automated video overlays are going to be resigned to the past. A publisher's strength lies in integrated sponsorships with the right brands that leverage content proved to perform. Fantastic creative will be a key factor in ensuring the success of these sponsorships. It can be eye-catching, clever, innovative, or contextual, but as long as it dovetails with the overall messaging - it will elevate the campaign and its ultimate success.

Publisher's commercial teams have all the right tools to pull together solutions that will make marketers excited to work with them. They can ensure synergies with the journalists who keep audiences returning and produce content tailored to their brand partner's marketing goals. Some also have robust in-house creative teams, while others use partners they can trust.

At Deviceful we have built meaningful relationships with our most important publisher partners. We understand their audiences and how evocative creatives can influence them most effectively. Both dynamic (especially that tied to context,) and premium creative are set to drive platform revenues after the commoditisation of inventory that the shift to programmatic created abates. We expect creative to be front and centre for the most successful publishers in 2022, and we can't wait to be part of that journey.


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