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Why use Dynamic Creative?

Dynamic creative allows for your ads to remain relevant to their viewer without you having to spend untold hours creating thousands of unique ad variations. In essence, it allows you to build a campaign once and gain all of the nuance you want/need in your messaging.

But, dynamic creative isn’t always the best fit for every campaign (it requires specialist strategic mapping, technical implementation, and data-feed upkeep that isn’t necessarily needed for lots of campaigns to run efficiently).

The first question we ask all of our clients (and you need to consider straight away) is whether there’s a specific reason for using dynamic creative in a campaign. Here are the three situations that we feel warrant taking the time and effort to employ dynamic creative.


1. Production efficiency

If you’re running a large and complex campaign that’s going to require the building of hundreds or thousands of different but similar message variants, then dynamic creative is a perfect solution for you.

It’s ideal for building multiple versions of the same thing (i.e the same advert with the background image or copy changed) where the ad always animates and shows in the same way.

You can easily create an advert that shows users different reasons to buy that depend upon a viewer’s specific audience segment. So, if they’re a member of audience A you can feed them one message and if they’re a member of audience B you can show them a different one.

2. Utilising product feeds

If you’re looking at running a campaign that leverages product-feeds from a website, dynamic creative can allow you to use that information to customise ad presentations (informed by viewers’ previous product interaction).

Ideal for remarketing campaigns, you can utilise data feeds and dynamic creative to customise your digital adverts so that a viewer who’s engaged with product A onsite gets presented with an ad creative that displays product A to them prominently - effectively enabling you to say ‘hey, remember this thing you were looking at?’ Or even ensuring that all your sportswear products get shown to a sub-audience that has shown an interest in sportswear.

3. Contextual Presentations

If your campaign would benefit from contextual information (like geolocation or weather data) then dynamic creative could be a brilliant build solution for you.

Data, relevant to your ad-viewer’s location, can be pulled into an ad (via data feeds) and be used to dynamise the creative presented. So, if you’re working with weather-based messaging and the weather widget is saying that it’s sunny in the viewer’s location, you can build an advert that shows a message variant suitable for that context with dynamic creative. You can even drop location-relevant information (like their nearest shop or the prices of an item in their local area) into the ad if you see fit.


If you can justify using dynamic creative in your next campaign after reading this then - best of luck!

We love using dynamic creative in our builds (it could be said that we actually specialise in it) and that’s why we’re so insistent on writing blogs like this and making certain that, when it gets used it’s employed properly and for a good reason.

Let us know if you try it, we’d love to hear about how it went for you.


If you’d like us to help you start employing dynamic creative for your digital ad builds - just let us know!

Working with specialists like Deviceful means that you can get faster, smarter, and more scalable ads that bridge the gap brilliantly between creative and media.

So, don’t let your creative let you down - speak to our specialists to stay ahead!


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