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Should you hand-code or platform build your digital ads?

We all know that one size doesn’t fit all. Our needs and goals all differ and that, logically, should affect which ad-build method we each chose to employ.

Before cracking your knuckles and delving deep into writing code or starting the search for the perfect ad-build platform to use, you need to ask yourself whether hand-coding or platform building is what’s best for your ads.

After six years of building ads, we know enough about the process to advise and consult on what will (and won’t) suit each kind of team and today we’d like to share with you some of the factors that indicate, most clearly, whether hand-coding or platform building is going to be the right fit.


Things to consider when deciding whether to hand-code or platform build

The skill of your team: If they aren’t coders, then a platform-based solution is your only option for builds. If they aren’t confident, competent, or comfortable enough to build the ads that you need, then avoid the stress of trying to code by opting for a platform build. If they are good coders, who can build quickly and are confident enough in their skills to deliver the quality and complexity of ad that you’re looking for, then go ahead and hand-code away.

The speed of delivery: If you’ve got to deliver the ads that you’ve been commissioned to build in a short amount of time (and your team’s coding abilities aren’t top-notch) then opting for a platform build removes quite a lot of the room for error. When time is of the essence, platforms can help speed the build process along (but you can still go ahead and hand-code your ads if your team are efficient enough coders).

The complexity of the build: Hand-coding can allow for a build nuance and complexity that platforms sometimes can’t. However, platform offerings are always advancing and can offer you more complexity than you think so you should examine the brief that you’ve received carefully and make an informed decision (based on everything that you actually need to deliver).

The budget you’re working with: If you don’t have the monetary resource to invest in using a platform then hand-coding is your only option but teams like ours can easily white-label work for you if you’re happy to look into building a partnership with us. We can easily hand-code complex briefs for you and use Celtra all of the time (and we’re far more affordable than you think).


Whether you’d like us to advise you on how to go about building your ads, have us help you build them, or simply want to outsource some of the more complex briefs you receive to us - feel free to reach out and chat to one of the team today!


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