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They needed a scaleable solution that had creative & design at its core. Control & changes to the units imagery & copy needed to be simple and controllable by either Deviceful, the creative agency or Media agency to allow for rapid amends and new unit deployment.

By building out a core template structure (Dynamic methodology) for SKODA, Deviceful were able to rapidly deploy multi variant units across any IAB format. The template could then be used for Brand & Performance. By being involved in designing & planning from the initial stages we were able to build the units in a way that allowed for copy and image amends to be controlled via a Google Sheet. Meaning adaptations took minutes not days.


SKODA UK wanted to target their audiences with more personalised way, while also looking to streamline their huge creative production process given that they were running campaigns featuring 6 models, 5 key feature messages per model (Lights, tech, design, etc) & 5 campaign routes to deliver (Book test drive, finance, find out more, etc).

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